Engaging with God as community!
Engagement with God is at the centre of all we do. We have been captured by His love and have been caught up in His mission of love to the world. All our work, our purpose, our mission and ministry flow from our ongoing engagement with God.

Building relationships for community!
God created us for relationship. We seek to build strong relationships with others in the church, with those who live near the church, with families and friends, people we work with and neighbours.

Empowering people by community!
Jesus empowered his disciples to demonstrate and preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick. As a church family we want to mentor, equip and disciple one another to go and do likewise.

There can be a lot of hurt, pain, confusion and chaos in life. We aim to be a community that helps people find and share in hope and healing.

Being peacemakers in community!
So many things seek to rob us of peace such as bereavement, relationship and family breakdown, money worries and addictions. Flowing from our relationships with God and one another, we pray we can bring peace into these situations and allow others to find peace with themselves, with God, and with others.

Communities as well as individuals can suffer division, conflict, fear and animosity. We also want to help our community find peace and reconciliation.



At Parkhead Nazarene we're at the start of a new phase of the church’s life, with lots to learn and do together. We're excited about demonstrating God’s love and compassion in Parkhead, in our homes, our workplaces and wherever else we spend our lives.

We’re convinced that God’s heart is for us all and not against us. As we encounter Him in our daily lives.

General information

We have identified five key values that we should be developing and demonstrating as a church community in order to live out our vision. These values are authenticity, compassion, hospitality, justice and service.

We want to be authentic and honest in our relationships, admitting that we don’t have it all together but helping each other become more than we are just now. As we build community in 

Parkhead and practice a life of love and hospitality we want our relationships to be characterised by compassion and service, putting the needs of others before our own. And we want to challenge the injustices we see around us and to try and act with justice in our own lives and in the life of our local and global community.

1/Authenticity: We want to love without masks and feel secure enough to admit our fears and failings.

2/Compassion: Putting the needs of others before our own needs, we want to practically show God’s love those who arehurting and in need.

3/Hospitality: Sharing our homes, our food and our lives should be at the centre of our relationship-building and peacemaking.

4/Justice: Many of the problems in Parkhead and around the world are a result of injustice. We want to identify and challenge these injustices, and to act justly in our own lives.

5/Service: Jesus took on the nature of a servant, humbling himself and meeting the needs of others. We want to do likewise.

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